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New for Summer 2007 at the TTI - the luxurious (though very experimental) Royal Bedouin tent.

The guy who sold it to us said : "This type of tent traditionally belonged to Arabian Palaces and were erected to welcome Kings and Sultans as they travelled throughout the land. Although these come in a multitude of designs, the main interior and exterior detail have been preserved with the three main colours portraying authority (red), spirituality (islamic green), and wealth and beauty (gold), when these are combined they reflect Arabian splendor."

The tent is situated on the terraces above the village (a few hundred feet up the hill from the monastery). Soon it will be decorated with beautiful carpets, fabulous silk cushions, flickering lanterns, a couple of chaps playing Arabian songs on the guitar, and Turkish hookah pipes, with the call of night birds and a gentle night breeze wafting through the canopy, and of course a lovely view.

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The Bedouin tent from SPACE!