Quantum Monte Carlo in the Apuan Alps VII

The seventh "Quantum Monte Carlo in the Apuan Alps" international workshop took place from the 28th of July to the 4th of August 2012. The participants spent four hours each morning listening to talks on quantum Monte Carlo and related matters, followed by afternoons of mountain walking, caving, canyoning and other activities. Notable athletic achievements by the group included the ascent of Monte Corchia, the discovery and partial exploration of various caves near Campolemisi, ascents of Monte Croce, Monte Palodina, Pania della Croce, and Monte Forato, and (despite a torrential downpour, parking the car three miles out of position, and the attentions of thieving gypsies) the partial ascent of the Turrite di San Rocco canyon. They were defeated 12-7 by the thrusting young village lads in the twelfth "Vallico Sotto Against The World" football match (even in the presence of the magnificent 'Il Napoletano' - Dario Alfè). The days were concluded with evening discussions and dinner.

List of participants

Dario Alfè, Sam Azadi, Stefano Baroni, Benoit Braida, Dario Bressanini, Pascal Bugnion, Dominik Domin, Andrea Droghetti, Neil Drummond, Matthew Foulkes, Mike Gillan, Kenta Hongo, Martin Korth, Pablo López Ríos, Ryo Maezono, Mariapia Marchi, Alston Misquitta, Bartomeu Monserrat-Sanchez, Saverio Moroni, Catherine Overy, Sebastiano Saccani, James Shepherd, Sandro Sorella, James Spencer, Alex Thom, Mike Towler, Lucas Wagner, Ching-Ming Wei, Ioana Campean, Maria Misquitta, Mark Misquitta, Samantha Keil, Saska Towler [CANCELLED: Mauro Causà, Richard Needs, John Trail, Cyrus Umrigar]

Talks presented

Mike Gillan (m.gillan at

  • "DFT troubles with water? QMC to the rescue!" [PPTX]

Lucas Wagner (lkwagner at

  • "Correlations in strongly-correlated materials" [PDF]

Benoit Braida (braida at

  • "A valence bond / quantum Monte Carlo study of 'pancake' bonding" [PDF]

Sandro Sorella (sorella at

  • "Recent results on the Hubbard model by quantum Monte Carlo and petaflops supercomputers" [PDF]

Matthew Foulkes (wmc.foulkes at

  • "Density matrix full-configuration interaction QMC" [PDF]

James Spencer (j.spencer at

  • "The sign problem in FCIQMC and other short stories" [PDF]

Alex Thom (a.thom at

  • "Stochastic coupled cluster theory" [PDF]

Dario Bressanini (dario.bressanini at

  • "Fishing for positronic compounds" [PPT]

Mariapia Marchi (marchi at

  • "ESTECO" [PDF]
  • "Optimization tools beyond QMC" [PDF] (password required)

James Shepherd (js615 at

  • "A full configuration interaction (quantum Monte Carlo) perspective on the 3D homogeneous electron gas" [PDF]

Alston Misquitta (am592 at

  • "Finite-size effects in molecule-surface adsorption" [PDF]

Martin Korth (martin.korth at

  • "Computational high-throughput screening of advanced battery electrolyte solvents" [PDF]

Bartomeu Monserrat-Sanchez (bm418 at

  • "Phonon wave functions and electron-phonon interactions in semiconductors" [PDF]

Andrea Droghetti (drogheta at

  • "First principles studies of spin-crossover molecules" [PDF]

Ching-Ming Wei (cmw at

  • "Materials simulations using quantum Monte Carlo" [PDF]

Sebastiano Saccani (ssaccani at

  • "Soft-potential supersolids" [PDF]

Saverio Moroni (saveriomoroni at

  • "Two-dimensional 3He" [PDF]

Dominik Domin (domindominik at

  • "Potential energy surfaces with quantum Monte Carlo" [PDF] - (password required)

Mike Towler (mdt26 at

  • "Massively-parallel QMC calculations: CPUs, GPUs, and DMC molecular dynamics" [PDF]

Ryo Maezono (rmaezono at

  • "GPGPU acceleration of CASINO blip routine" [PDF] (password required)

Dario Alfe (d.alfe at

  • "Thermal and electrical conductivity of the Earth's core" [PDF]

Neil Drummond (n.drummond at

  • "Quantum Monte Carlo calculations of the Fermi liquid parameters of the 2D homogeneous electron gas" [PDF]

Stefano Baroni (baroni at

  • "Classical transition rates and quantum tunnelling splitting from path-integral Monte Carlo" (NOT AVAILABLE)

Pablo Lopez Rios (pl275 at

  • "Phase diagram of the symmetric electron-hole bilayer" [PDF]
  • "Framework for constructing generic Jastrow correlation factors" [PDF]

Sam Azadi (s.azadi at

  • "Quantum Monte Carlo study of high-pressure solid molecular hydrogen" [PDF]

Pascal Bugnion (pob24 at

  • "The Geminal-Jastrow wave function in bulk materials" [PDF]

Kenta Hongo (kenta_hongo at

  • "A quantum Monte Carlo study of noncovalent interactions" [PPT]


  • "Thank you again for organizing this extraordinary conference!"

  • "Many thanks for providing the wonderful time in TTI every year."

  • "Thanks for organising such an excellent conference."

  • "Thank you for the excellent conference and for opening your home to all of us. You really do create a great atmosphere to relax and discuss science."

  • "Many thanks again for hosting the wonderful QMC conference over the last week! I enjoyed it very much..."

  • "Thanks very much indeed to you and Sam for hosting yet another fantastic conference and summer school - I had a great time."

  • "Thanks for yet another wonderful week in Vallico Sotto. As always I had fun, made some new contacts, and learnt quite a lot of new things about physics."

  • "Thanks a lot for your unforgettable organization."

  • "It has been a great pleasure for me to be again in Vallico to participate to the QMC workshop. I think it was great as usual.."

  • "I very much appreciate all the effort you put into organizing the wonderful conference and hope to see you at the next QMC conference."

  • "I thought the whole thing was rubbish.." *

(* OK, I made that one up).