Quantum Monte Carlo in the Apuan Alps III

The third "Quantum Monte Carlo in the Apuan Alps" international workshop took place from 21st-28th July 2007. The participants spent four hours each morning listening to talks on the quantum Monte Carlo method, followed by afternoons of mountain walking, caving, canyoning and other activities. Notable achievements by the group including the first TTI ascents of Pania della Croce, Monte Sumbra and Monte Procinto and the first partial exploration of the Buca della Freddana. The days were concluded with evening discussions, dinner, and singing.

List of participants

Dario Alfè, Alán Aspuru-Guzik, Claudio Attacalite, Alexander Badinski, Dario Bressanini, Sergiy Bubin, Neil Drummond, Kilian Frensch, Rene Gaudoin, Richard Hennig, Nick Hine, Pablo Lopez Rios, Ryo Maezono, Andrew Morris, Richard Needs, Stefano Paolini, Zoltan Radnai, Mike Towler, John Trail, Paolo Umari, Lucas Wagner, Ching-Ming Wei, Monica Alfè, Dori Aspuru-Takata, Emma Drummond, Ayaka Maezono, Alessandra Paolini, Samantha Keil, Saska Towler

Talks presented

Richard Needs (rn11 at

  • - "Further random results from random structure searching" [PDF]

Dario Alfè (d.alfe at

  • - "Absolute rate of thermal desorption from first principles simulations" [NOT AVAILABLE]

Lucas Wagner (lkwagner at

  • - "Quantum Monte Carlo and transition metal oxides" [PDF]

Nick Hine (nicholas.hine at

  • - "Quantum Monte Carlo investigations of point defects in alumina" [PDF]

Paolo Umari (umari at

  • - "Linear and non-linear susceptibilities from quantum Monte Carlo: application to periodic hydrogen chains" [PPT]

Pablo Lopez Rios (pl275 at

  • - "QMC study of the electron-hole phase diagram" [PDF]

Neil Drummond (ndd21 at

  • - "QMC studies of quantum nanowires and nanolayers" [PDF]

Zoltan Radnai (zr205 at

  • - "The Overhauser instability" [PDF]

Dario Bressanini (dario.bressanini at

  • - "The quest for compact wave functions" [PPT]

Rene Gaudoin (swxgagar at

  • - "Modelling the spherically-averaged structure factor in quantum Monte Carlo calculations" [PDF]

Claudio Attaccalite (claudio.attaccalite at

  • - "Ab initio molecular dynamics for high-pressure liquid hydrogen" [PDF]

Richard Hennig (rhennig at

  • - "Dense beryllium-lithium alloys with quasi 2-d electronic states in a 3-d crystal structure" [PDF]

Alexander Badinski (ab582 at

  • - "Accurate diffusion Monte Carlo forces" [PDF]

Alán Aspuru-Guzik (alan at

  • - "Where is the electron pair? A QMC detective story" [PDF]
    - "Quantum computation for quantum chemistry and statistical mechanics" [PDF]

John Trail (jrt32 at

  • - "Optimization on random surfaces" [PDF]

Ching-Ming Wei (cmw at

  • - "QMC studies of Na, B and Al clusters" [PPT]

Stefano Paolini (paolini at

  • - "Quantum Monte Carlo simulations of He-4 clusters doped with molecular and ionic impurities" [PPT]

Ryo Maezono (rmaezono at

  • - "Pseudopotential QMC calculations of porphyrin using CASINO" [PPT]

Andrew Morris (ajm255 at

  • - "BEC-BCS crossover in cold atoms" [PDF]

Kilian Frensch (kilian.frensch03 at

  • - "Point defects in TiO2" [PDF]