Search for a CNRS research scientist candidate at Toulouse

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Search for a CNRS research scientist candidate at Toulouse

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Toulouse, June 11 2015

The QMC group at University of Toulouse, France
(, part of the "Chimie et Physique Quantiques" CNRS laboratory
( will have the opportunity to present a candidate for
a position of "Chargé de Recherche" at CNRS (French National Center for Research) by the end
of Dec. 2015

Chargé de recherches is a permanent position at CNRS as a french civil servant.
There is NO NEED TO SPEAK FRENCH (no education duty, only research) and there is
NO REQUIREMENT ON CITIZENSHIP. Detail can be found at ... ere-en.htm

The QMC group is searching for a motivated young scientist willing to develop and
apply QMC techniques in our group. In short, the main interest of our team is the development
of QMC techniques for the electronic structure of atoms, molecules and solids.
The position is very open both in terms of expertise and interests. All candidates interested
either in theory, applications or computational aspects are welcome to send us as soon as possible
a CV together with a summary of their scientific achievements and projects.

Please send to: Michel Caffarel at [email protected]

The formal application to the CNRS will be in December 2015.
From an administrative point of view, the requirements are the following:

- To have a PhD in Physics or Quantum Chemistry
- To be in a post-doctoral position since at least one year in Dec 2015
- No requirement of citizenship.
- No need to speak french.
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