New download arrangements/multiple passwords

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Mike Towler
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New download arrangements/multiple passwords

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Dear all,

Just a quick note to let you know about two changes to the way CASINO is managed via the new online resources.

(1) New download facility

The standard version of CASINO can now be downloaded immediately by absolutely anyone following the completion of an online form, located here:

Users thus now no longer need to submit a physical signed consent form or lose their enthusiasm while awaiting my approval (which formerly could take many days if I was busy).

Filling in the form triggers a request for a single 'CASINO login ID' and password which may be used to access all online resources and future updates of the code.

The form also contains 5 checkboxes - by ticking these potential users can request access to :

- the CASINO discussion forum at

- posting privileges on the CASINOQMC website

- membership of the CASINO users mailing list

- information about forthcoming summer schools

- the development version of the code (and flag their intention to become involved in development work)

The online form should only be used when downloading the code for the first time. If you later wish to update to a newer version of the code, you can use your CASINO login ID to do so from this page:

Note that all CASINO users (not just developers, or people associated with the UK QMC research groups) are encouraged to obtain a login ID to the CASINOQMC website in order to submit 'Blog' or 'Project' posts. This is a great way to communicate your research to a large community of people who are likely to care and to provide useful comments (all pages on the CASINOQMC site have a 'comment box' at the bottom). I read in the paper yesterday that young people are abandoning Facebook in droves because their Mums or possibly Moms have all learned how to use it. So here you are, they can use CASINOQMC instead - the new 'Facebook' for QMC researchers around the world.. :P

(2) Multiple or non-existent usernames/passwords for older users

With the recent introduction of these multiple online resources, older users will find themselves with various different user names and passwords to access different parts of the site, or no password at all for some resources, such as the new website. I therefore need to clarify how these older users will download updates to the code or interact with the online resources.

First of all, your existing username/password for downloading the code should still work on the 'Update CASINO' page. You may or may not have usernames for the other stuff (if you do, they will still work).

However, if you would like me to 'unify' your different usernames into a single CASINO login ID to access all parts of the site (I can also physically add you as a user on the Forum and on the main website) then please let me know. If I can think of a way of doing this for all of our supposed 480 users without boring myself to death then I will do so anyway, but it's likely to take some time.

Sorry, if all this seems a bit complicated, but it needed doing and it's in fact quite easy when you get used to it.

You will notice that it is currently snowing on the CASINOQMC website, if you let your mouse pointer hover over it, and you should know that CASINO is the only current electronic structure code whose website does this - yet another reason why you should use it, of course. Happy Christmas from the CASINO development team!

Best wishes,
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