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Mike Towler
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New CASINO web site

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So about a week ago, the issue of a new website for CASINO finally surfaced, spluttering and unwanted, at the top of my TODO list. It was on there in the first place because a few reviewers of our grant applications said that the old CASINO web site was, quite frankly, a bit old fashioned and non-participatory compared to modern masterpieces like SourceForge and so on, and - they warned darkly - if we didn't sort it out soon we just might not get any more money. So there.

Alright so, painfully aware that my 1980s HTML skills didn't equip me to create one, I gave myself one day to learn how and spent about ten hours sucking in information from various sources. Then I gave myself 5 days to put my new skills to good use and create some content (I was able to squeeze it into five days, but only by practically killing myself and staying up far too late- God the attention to detail required is boring). So anyway, here it is:

Hope you all like it!

It's supposed to be better than the old site because:

(1) it concentrates all information both for developers, users, and casual readers in one place;

(2) it has a lot more content than the old one;

(3) it is designed to be participatory: anyone interested in QMC can in principle be given a login ID and be allowed to create content, and

(4) it doesn't look like the back end of a dog. In fact I would go so far as to venture that it looks cool, and it's as modern as they come (check out those Twitter and Google+ and Facebook etc. links)

So far the people given a login ID are those in the Cambridge TCM group, the Foulkes group at Imperial College, Dario Alfe and Mike Gillan from UCL, and Neil's group from Lancaster. (I haven't yet told most of them this or given them their passwords yet while I just work on some final tweaks - mainly involving speed issues, but I will shortly I promise..).

So anyway, if anyone has any comments or suggestions, or would like to be given a login ID (Read 'Community --> How to Play' first) then do let me know.

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