Summer 2013 QMC events

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Mike Towler
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Summer 2013 QMC events

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Places available at this summer's QMC events in Vallico Sotto:

(1) Due to some last minute cancellations, some places have opened up at our
QMC summer school, to be held in our ancient monastery in the Apuan Alps of
Tuscany, Italy this August. Here you may learn how to do QMC calculations off
the back of DFT (amongst other things) in an intensive course taught by the
authors of CASINO (from Cambridge and Lancaster Universities). You will also
interact with many like-minded individuals in a convivial atmosphere, and enjoy
mountain walking and other activities in one of the most beautiful places in
Italy. See the website here for details:

(2) In the week preceding the summer school, there will be a conference
"Quantum Monte Carlo in the Apuan Alps" at the same venue which also has a
few spaces available. This year's event has a special theme - the
'relationship between QMC and density functional theory', so DFT specialists
will be especially welcome. See:

Please do contact me (mdt26 at if you wish to attend either of these events.

Best wishes,
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