Standard users access to current beta

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Mike Towler
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Standard users access to current beta

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Dear all,

Just a quick announcement regarding the availability of different versions of CASINO.

The CASINO user community is basically divided into 'standard users' and 'developers'.

Developers have access to the latest public release (currently 2.12.1) and the 'current_beta' (a nightly build containing all the latest stuff). Both developers' versions contain the full documented source code.

Standard users have access to the latest public release only with a version containing undocumented source code.

It has now been decided to give standard users access to the current beta version of CASINO (albeit without the full source). This will allow them to benefit from e.g. bug fixes, new features, new arch files for new computers etc. without having to wait a year for the next public release. Users should be aware of all the standard warnings regarding beta versions, but it usually works fine.


Best wishes,
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